Arman Goldasht Co. has attained to achieve qualified certificates like: ISO 10002:2004, ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008, and HACCP Certificate from TUV intercert of Germany by implementation of International standards in 2013.


Service-giving to the customer is one of the main aims of the company and it will always be continued in business and based on this motto all efforts are related to customers’ satisfaction sense and a good experience of purchase is kept in their minds. Other honors of the company are summarized as follows:


–A qualified unit at the province selected by drug and food organization, 2013.


–A qualified unit at the province selected by Standard and Industrial Research public office, 2013.


–To achieve the statue in the congress of superior brand of quality, 2013.


–To achieve the statue in the congress of Customer’s satisfaction from Organization of National Competition, 2012.


–The statue of food safety and quality festival.


–International sign of Halal.




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Why Us?

Since Arman Goldasht Co. (BAGHA) by more than 28 years of records in food industries has been used from scientific benchmarks and modern technics along with expert and experienced people to develop the products so it had been one of the pioneers and well-known manufacturers of lemon juice In Iran.


Recently there have been considered many actions in competition field for achievement such as:


–Packing of jam in IML containers in first time at the country.


–To provide the best raw materials with high quality.


–To export ability to Australia, Japan, Germany, Russia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and UAE.


– A wide distribution channel system in five provinces of the country.


–Active representations in 25 zones of the country.






         Arman-Goldasht is become one of the top qualified companies in food industry with an active and a great presence role on this field across the country, Middle East and Central Asia.




         To complete the food basket needs has been defined a mission for the company according to quantity and quality differed needs of households and consumers well.




             Increasing the share of domestic market through market penetration, developing of the products list of the company, keeping the food brand of the   company as a premier one at the country, to arrive into the export markets under concentration on neighbor countries and lastly capital and business efficiency rate promotion.




               We are trying to improve the employees’ living, to create a sense of honor and joy of working and to provide a suitable place under innovation and creativity to them. Also, it’s defined and applied customer complaints management system based on standard requirements of ISO10002: 2004 and related rules and provisions. To respect and protect from the environment is our belief perfectly.


 Other values of BAGHA Company are:


– Employee’s commitment to high quality producing.


– Diversity and increase of the products by quality maintaining.


– Honesty and directness in internal/external communications of the company.


– Customers’ satisfaction on product quality.


-Attention and adherence to moral and religious principles (such as honesty, sincerity, and discipline) on personal behaviors and organization performance.




        We seek the health in diversity, freshness, and naturalness of our products especially in the production of lemon juice, sours, pickles, and jam kinds to prepare a safe, long, and happier life for consumers.


At this aim, we used from global knowledge and the last technologies on the services. Also, directing an online-food store establishment with a stable and profitable ownership is another aim of the company on cyberspace.


We keep trying to improve and develop specialized knowledge of the company through research and development (R & D) department continuously.


To Attract and foster of efficient and committed manpower and making training schedules in order to empower them are the main goals of the company as a result of incentive mechanisms creating for the effective participation of the employees and achievement of organizational goals of the company.





Tabriz/Shahid Soleimani Industrial Town (Tabriz 4)Between the 2nd and 3rd floors






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