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The export of each country shows the productive and competitive capacity of the producers of that country in comparison with the producers of other countries. In this regard, Arman Goldasht Food Industries Group (Baghaa) as one of the top lemon juice producers in the Middle East, with a special focus on the issue of exports, marketing research and segmentation of export areas from a few years ago regularly and with planning has begun. Accordingly, 5 different export areas, including Central Asia, East Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, have been studied and evaluated, and matters related to the selection of sales agents in these areas are gradually being done. Currently, various types of lemonade, pickles, jams are exported to countries such as Australia, Japan, Germany, Russia, Iraq, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates. Arman Goldasht Food Industries (Baghaa) is proud to be able to gain a good share of these markets in international markets along with its old competitors in the global market. We hope that with the planning done and the use of elite export experts, another honor will be achieved in the history of the food industry company

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