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Export of every country is indicated of the productivity and competitiveness power of its producers compared to ones in other countries. In this regard, Arman Goldasht Food Industrial Group (BAGHA) as one of the best qualified producers of lemon juice in Middle-east area and with a special view point towards the exportation category has been begun market researches and export sections dividing in regular basis and ideal panning for many years ago. At this case five various exporting sections involved in Middle-Asia countries, Eastern Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle-east countries are studied and evaluated well to establish sales representatives in these areas gradually. Currently there are going some exportations for different kinds of lemon juices, pickles, jams, and sours to the countries such as Australia, Japan, Germany, Russia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and UAE.


Goldasht (BAGHA) is proud to achieve for a suitable share in international markets besides world trade ancient competitors. We wish that the planning and using top experts in the exportation could be guaranteed our golden and honorable history during of the activities



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